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Press Release 2016 Pro-Family Days at the Capitol

  • February 5, 2016
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On January 25, 2016, 200 Pastors, leaders and lay leaders convened at the Florida State Capitol for two days of briefings, lobbying and prayer. Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition, The Florida Family Policy Council and Israel Allies Foundation hosted the Tallahassee Pro-Family Days.

On January 26, 2016, we hosted a Legislative Prayer Breakfast with Senate President Designate, Joe Negron and with Speaker Designate of the House and with other Florida Senators and Representatives. Rep Mike Hill, Speaker Designate Richard Corcoran, Representative Scott Plakon, Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam and Representative Jennifer Sullivan, Representative Dennis Baxley and John Stemberger. We interceded at the Capitol Steps for Florida and for our nation, we prayed for revival and to see our nation restored back to its Judeo Christian Roots. Pastor Mario Bramnick received an Award for “Honoring those who broke the silence by Florida Family Policy Council”.


We were lobbying on the following bills:


  1. Bill Opposing Commercial Boycotts of Israel – HB 0527 / SB 86

Boycotts of entities and individuals on the basis of national origin, particularly Israel, mostly in ethnic, religious, racial and/or nationality discrimination, which directly contradicts Florida’s public policy and the values of its people.


  • Ensure that state taxpayer funds are not a party to contracts or investments that undermine important public policy protections against discrimination in order to defend Florida’s economy from parties seeking to inflict economic harm upon Israel, one of our state’s key trading partners.
  • Protect the financial interests of Florida’s citizens by ensuring that state investment funds and contracts with the private sector are shielded from the economic damage and instability caused by companies that engage in discriminatory boycotts against Israel.
  • Protect the social interests of Florida’s citizens by ensuring that taxpayer dollars, through the state government, will not be party to contracts and investments that undermine Florida’s public policy protections against discrimination


  1. Relating to Termination of Pregnancies – HB 1411/SB 1722

Last year’s exposé of Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling baby’s body parts has highlighted the need to further regulate the practices of abortion clinics. This legislation reforms the rules and regulations governing organizations operating abortion facilities. Much of the proposed bill is a direct response to the corruption, fraud, abuse, and waste of Planned Parenthood, but it also seeks to safeguard and protect the life and health of women obtaining abortions through an increased standard of care and safety regulations.


  1. Opposing the Florida’s Competitive Workforce Act – HB 45/ SB 120

All across the country these new laws are creating weapons to punish Christians who are simply living out their faith in as a small business owner or employer. This bill would allow individuals to sue employers and landowners based on new protected classes of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. More importantly, around the country, similar laws have created privacy and security issues, allowing men to have unrestricted access to women’s showers, bathrooms and locker rooms in facilities declared a public accommodation (such as YMCAs, Adult and Youth Sports Leagues & Homeless and Domestic Violence Shelters and other similar public facilities)