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Protect the Future of Iraqi Christians

  • September 15, 2016
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ISIS has been responsible for one of the worst genocides of our time against Yazidis Christians and Shia Muslims and has been responsible for crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing against these groups as well as Sunie Muslims, Kurds and other minorities. The U.S. government, together with its global partners, should mobilize its political, economic, and military assets to support the creation of a safe haven in northern Iraq to protect those ethnic and religious minorities continuing to face genocide at the hands of ISIS.


A Congressional Resolution has been introduced to establish a province for the indigenous people of the Nineveh Plains in Iraq, H.Con.Res 152.


Please have your networks, churches and denominations contact their Members of Congress asking them to support H.Con.Res 152.


Below we have included a sample letter and talking points. Thank you so much for your assistance.

Mario Bramnick, Esquire


Mario Bramnick, Esquire

Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition, President

National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Vice President Office 954-680-9909 / Cell 954-822-1321


Dear Congressman/woman             _,




We are writing to call for your support for an Iraqi initiative to establish a province for the indigenous people of the Nineveh Plain. A newly-introduced resolution in Congress, H.Con.Res 152, voices support for the establishment of such a province. This province, as you know, is an initiative of the Iraqi people that has followed the constitutional process to be created.




On January 21, 2014, the Iraqi Council of Ministers agreed in principle to establish three new provinces, including a Nineveh Plain Province. ISIS invaded the Nineveh Plain before this was able to take effect. Genocide followed. This must never be permitted to happen again.




We are grateful for your leadership. We now ask for your support for efforts within Iraq to establish a province on the Nineveh Plain for its indigenous people. We also ask that the U.S. and its partners lend assistance to oversee the return, security, and revitalization of the Nineveh Plain region after it is liberated from ISIS.




[Salutation] [Name] [Address]





– There has been an initiative in Iraq to establish three new provinces, including a province for the Nineveh Plain. The Iraqi Council of Ministers in January 2014, prior to the ISIS genocide, called for the establishment of a Nineveh Plain province. Congress should support this Iraqi led initiative.


– America should lead the international community in overseeing the return, security, and revitalization of the Nineveh Plain region, as Secretary Kerry called for on March 17, 2016 when he recognized the genocide.


– IDPs in Erbil want to return to their homes on the Nineveh Plain. They should be able to do with confidence that the world, particularly America, will take an interest in their survival in their ancestral homeland.


– The U.S. Congress should support this Iraqi initiative.