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HILC Vision Statement


We are very excited about establishing a historic initiative of the Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition (HILC) as a subsidiary and ministry of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), The Hispanic Evangelical Association and CONELA.
It is our vision to engage the Latino Christians, America’s and the western hemisphere’s fastest growing ethnic and faith demographic, in the Pro-Israel movement. The HILC will build a firewall against anti-Semitism and the Campaign to Delegitimize the Nation of Israel, raise awareness of the critical intersection of Israel and America’s future, and activate Hispanics as the most “Pro Israel, Pro Jewish” demographic. Accordingly, we stand poised and uniquely equipped to establish the world’s largest and most influential Pro-Israel Latino entity: The Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition (HILC).


HILC’s Mission Statement:


The Hispanic Israel Leadership Coalition exists to engage, empower and equip the Latino born again evangelical community in full support of Israel and the Jewish community around the world. We will accomplish corresponding objective by messaging, mobilizing and managing with impeccable integrity and with clear, measurable outcomes.

A. Messaging will be accomplished through our website, social media strategies, press releases, marketing, op-eds, interviews, radio and TV ads.  We will also be hosting a new weekly television program on Israel on TBN Salsa, TBN’s new Hispanic American Network.

  1. Mobilization: We will produce pro-Israel events in the 12 largest US Hispanic populated cities, as well as event sponsorship in South America, Central and the Caribbean. Mobilization also includes equipping and engaging Hispanic Christians in prophetic activism and advocacy in support of Israel.


  1. Management: We will establish and manage city-wide, regional, and national chapters of the HILC.

    1.2 METRICS

    A. Empower local Pastors and parishioners with the necessary tools to counter the current campaign to delegitimize Israel and anti-Semitic actions engulfing Hispanics in America and Latin America. Establishing an international effort to impact Latin American government to advance Pro-Israel policies and to fight bigotry and anti-Semitism.

    B. Execute a Pro-Israel messaging and mobilization campaign that includes a call to action where Latinos in the US and in Latin America will support legislation not in a partisan manner but in the spirit of prophetic activism that protects Israel. In addition, Latino Christians will be encouraged to travel to Israel.

    C. Edify a multi-generational Latino firewall against anti-Semitism. The foundational metric will be a bi-annual assessment via the conduit of a survey that will demonstrate Hispanic Latino support for Israel increasing around the world; directly linking our efforts to this increase. In addition, we will survey our constituents to establish a baseline of understanding of issues regarding Israel, and then embark on a campaign to address gaps and deficiencies.



  • Christians are commanded to be a people of love recognizing that God loves all people the same (John 3:16). Those who do not have a heart for the Arab peoples of the Middle East do not reflect God’s heart. God’s promise that Ishmael would have twelve princes and would be a great nation (Genesis 17:20) has been fulfilled. Isaiah 19 speaks of a great visitation by God to the Arab world, which will usher in a revival among the neighboring countries. HILC encourages Hispanic Evangelicals to have God’s heart for the Arab people and to pray regularly for them.



  • There are more than 24 Muslim countries, 26 Christian countries, and only one Jewish state — Israel. Yet, only Israel is singled out as racist for having an official state religion. Just like all other nations, the Jewish people have the right to their own state. This is a not racism; on the contrary,it is a response to centuries of racism and persecution against the Jewish people. Thus, supporting Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state cannot — and should not — be considered racist.


  • HILC’s vision is to build bridges of reconciliation between Jew and Arab, to create a firewall of protection against the persecution of the Arab Christians throughout the Middle East, to educate the church about the Christian persecution and to spread the Gospel to the Muslim Arab World. “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance.” (Isaiah 19:25)


Christians are the most persecuted religious group today, with the most dire form of persecutions occurring in the Muslim lands by Extremists.  A majority of Christians in Syria and Iraq belong to the ancient Assyrian or Chaldean churches.  They trace their spiritual heritage to the Prophet Jonah, whose preaching in Nineveh led to the mass conversion to Christianity in the region.